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Burnham Pricing

Burnham Brand heating products are manufactured proudly in the USA in world-class manufacturing facilities of the U.S. Boiler Company in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Over the past several years, they have introduced more new, high efficiency boilers than any other company. They manufacture durable and reliable high-quality heating products to provide homeowners with the best possible energy efficiency available. Their employees are committed to providing the best possible product at the best possible value to ensure that no matter what the weather is outside, customers will be warm and comfortable, as well as saving energy.

Their line includes the safe, reliable Burnham Alpine; a new addition to the line of Burnham products it is a fully modulating condensing gas boiler with a 95% efficiency rating. The Burnham Independence Series gas-fired boilers are high quality, reliable cast iron boilers for steam or hot water applications, and work with either a natural draft or power vent system. The Burnham ALP series is a Wall Mounted Condensing Residential Boiler also has a money saving efficiency rating of 95%. Burnham offers the most technologically advanced and energy efficient boilers in all its High Efficiency Hot Water Boilers. Burnham offers the best value for your dollar in the industry, for Burnham Boilers pricing and availability simply contact your local HVAC professional.